What I Wore: To Dye For

As I was preparing for our little beach getaway last week, I of course made a Target run to pick up a few last minute essentials.  And imagine that, I walked away with a few extras too, like pretty much the entire Calypso line since it was on clearance for 30% off.

Foiled again by those damn red tags beckoning me.  Oh well, I did kinda sorta need a beach cover-up.  And I really liked this little tie-dye number.

I'm really not a big fan of letting it all hang out in a swimsuit.  So this cover-up suited my modest tendencies quite well.

Nothing finer than a beautiful day at the beach!

Oh, and I may have picked up some goodies for the girls too...

The cuteness made my day.  And yes, we all matched and stuck out like a sore thumb, but I was okay with that.  I won't be able to swing it for much longer!


  1. I love the blue look for all the girls in your family! So precious!

  2. Awww... So cute! Wish there was a family photo! Love the color on you

  3. adorbs! I love the cover up, I snagged a scarf, but I need to go back for more I think. My Target still had a ton of stuff left.

  4. i seriously LOVE how u guys are all matching - and PROPS for 30% off baby!

    *kiss kiss*
    ErikaTiptoe Butterfly~

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  5. you 3 are cuties! and i love your sun hat :)

  6. Aww, you guys are so cute! I wanted to get my girl some stuff but as soon as the collection arrived here it was GONE, gone like the wind :o(

  7. So cute - really love the cover up. Love the matchiness too.

    C x

  8. you girls look so adorable! xo


  9. Oh my gosh, you three are soo cute in matching dresses!! Not that I blame you - that is such a cute dress! Perfect for summer!
    Star Hughes Living

  10. Adorable! You all look nice in that beautiful blue color :)

  11. Very cute pics of you and your girls in the cover-ups! I have a heather grey cover-up from Lands End that I wear as a dress & I love it!

    I followed you here from the Pleated Poppy & WIWW.

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