What I Wore: Summer Kick-Off {Sort Of}

I wouldn't exactly call it a summer kick-off if it hadn't been Memorial Day.  It was too cold and windy to be outside (even though the sun was out) and we canceled our BBQ plans because no one wanted to be out in allergy central.  But as far as tradition dictates it was a summer kick-off, so I dressed accordingly.

And braved the wind for a few outdoor shots.  All was not lost, we ended up cooking our carne asada on the stove instead of the grill, and you can most definitely still drink Black & Blue Mojitos indoors.

I got a bit patriotic with the red white and blue. I'm actually not a big fan of the color scheme (gasp-how un-American), my nails just happened to be painted in a way that brought it all together.

I saw this nail combo on pinterest, where else?  Mint on two nails, and my fave Essie's Geranium on the rest.  What do you think? I painted the girls' nails the same way and they really got a kick out of it. My husband just gave me a puzzled look when he saw them.  Then gave me the "Jackie you so crazy" chuckle he always likes to give me.

As I type this it is cold and rainy outside. On June 1st. By now it is usually in the high 80's/low 90's and I am loving life.  This is California for goodness sakes!  Instead I just feel blah.  The gloom really gets to me after awhile.

So I will just wait as patiently as possible for summer to get here.  And plan on living it up then.

Top-Target {similar}
Shorts-Levis {similar}
Necklace American Eagle {similar}
Sandals-Old Navy last year {similar}


  1. I totally love your look for Memorial Day..how fun! To bad it was windy :(


  2. FUN outfit... I have the same top in pink/peach and I love it! The nails look pretty fab too...

    Fidel gives you crazy looks!?!? My husband NEVER does (ha!)...

  3. Great outfit!! Love the top and sandals!! Love your nail polish too!


  4. Not a fan of the nails, but I love the outfit! Especially the necklace!

  5. I think the nail polish is sooo cute! I love how playful it is, and looks great with that outfit.

    I only now discovered Pinterest. I'm kinda behind on the times :) but I love it too.

  6. Love the tee and that nail polish. So cute.

    C x


  7. I love everything about this outfit! I want to buy similar shoes and a necklace like that too!


  8. love your nails- looks great! cute necklace too.

  9. your nails are so cute! we could use a little of your cool weather here on the East coast :)

  10. Srsly let's trade weather. My car said it was 101 today. While we're at it, let's trade outfits. And cute nails. I love the mint. On second thought, there's no way in hell you'd want my outfit. I'd hate to see the look your hus would give you then.

  11. Such a cute outfit! I love the nails - I'm definitely going to do that this summer! So much fun. And I'm with you about this California weather - it is insanely cold for June 1! It definitely makes me feel blah too. I've been telling my mom that I need to move to Panama if I can't take the few gray days we have here in Cali! :)
    Star Hughes Living

  12. Love that necklace! I just found your site and I was snooping around, I love your home!!! =)


  13. Your nails look like a lot of fun! Been loving pastels for summer

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga