What I Wore: Minus the Wine

During our recent family trip up to wine country we decided to go for a drive up 101 past Healdsburg to see what was the happs.  Turns out not much really.  But we did pass by this pretty winery up on a hill and I blurted out "Pull over! I wanna check it out!"  My husband begrudgingly obliged, asking "Really, but we have the kids with us, whats the point?".  The point is I enjoy the grounds of wineries just as much as the wine tasting.


This would be your typical casual summer outfit for me.  I don't even like to wear much jewelry in the summer, as it makes me feel even hotter.  And I really, really hate to feel hot.  Not at all looking forward to the hot flash years.


It was pretty tempting to run inside for a quick tasting, but I was a good girl.  I think my hair was protesting in anger though.

I bought some new kicks to replace my old Toms that I managed to wear a hole in.  These are by Roxy and dare I say they are just as comfy as my Toms.

Dress, Gap
Chambray top- Element via Swell


  1. that is a gorgeous winery! you look adorable... love that chambray top!

  2. that place looks beautiful!! you looked so adorable- must have been so hard not to have a small taste!! glad you had fun though. XO


  3. That chambray shirt is a total winner! :-D

    Relatable Style

  4. sunnies are a WIN! so cute.

  5. I think you look super cute! I'm the same way with jewelry when I'm hot - the restaurant I was in last night was boiling, and my necklace was sticking to me... not pleasant. What a pretty winery too!

  6. This looks so fun and your outfit is perfect for a day of wine tasting.

  7. I'm confused why you're not having wine? Maybe I missed a pregnancy post- I've been quite lax in my blog reading lately! Looks like a blast!