Quick Reno Recap

Well I made it to Reno and back and had such an amazing time at the Bruno Mars concert! Oh man, I was screaming alongside all the little 12 year old girls in fedoras with absolutely no shame.  He put on such a great show, I highly recommend it if he is in your area.  Bruno even impressed our friend we took along with us, who didn't know much about him and usually only goes to heavy metal type concerts.  And yes, I bought a Bruno Mars tee that my almost thirty year old self will be sporting soon at a grocery store near you. I'm telling you, no shame

 Best shot I could get of my man. Sorry peeps.  But let me tell you, he somehow makes a jean jacket with cut-off sleeves look good.

But my real man ain't too shabby either!

Let me tell you what else I had a blast doing in Reno: DIY Wine Tasting.  Okay, I had never seen this before, but it is genius: you pay however much you want at the entrance and they put it on a card for you to use like an ATM.  You then go over to these machines that have the wine bottles behind glass and you put your card in a slot at the top.  It tells you how much cash you have left on the card, then you pick which wine you want to try, push the button for how much you want (1 oz, half or full glass), it tells you how much it will cost, then you push the button for how much you want and it dispenses it into your glass!  Did you follow all that?  Here is a shot I got of the machine with my iphone-I may have already had too much to drink at this point:

Have you ever seen this? Was I totally living under a rock? Best invention ever in my opinion.  My husband and I shared a card with $60 on it, and both left feeling like we had drank 40 bottles of wine.

In other Reno news, can you believe this is what we had to drive through to get there:

I couldn't stop singing that damn Vanessa Williams song "Sometimes the snow comes down in June..."


  1. sounds like a great weekend! i love bruno mars! so jealous you got to see him :) xo jillian:: ps im hosting a judy kaufmann print giveaway!

  2. i just saw something on a tv show about best bars in the country and they did a segment on diy wine bars! you were probably there while i was watching this segment, haha!

  3. Sounds like so so much fun!!! I'd be doing the same, screaming alongside 12 year old girls in fedoras - love your sense of humor too!!
    Star Hughes Living

  4. Wait, no Bruno Mars snuggie?!!!!!!!!! That snow is unfreakinbelievable. It's a 100 degrees where I am right this very moment. *sigh*

  5. @thirtynothing-I was all ready to buy one, but they didn't have any!! I will have to order it online.

  6. DIY wine-tasting (or "drunk-getting") - sounds like a blast to me! Cute cute picture of you and Fidel - hopefully we can see those mugs in person soon!