Kara's Vintage Circus Themed Birthday Party

I thought I would share a few photos from Kara's 3rd birthday party.  It was such a fun day and we all had a wonderful time celebrating our sweet little girl's birthday. 

I love decorating the entry table for parties.  It's a great place to set up the goodie bags, little misc decorations and I write a fun message on the chalkboard.  I didn't get it in the pic, but the balloon is hanging from the rhino's horn-always get him in on the party spirit!

I used leftover cupcake wrappers as little single serving holders for caramel corn, cotton candy and animal crackers.

 I found these fun plastic animals at Target.  I think they are made for adding on a cocktail glass, but I used them as cupcake toppers!

The birthday girl and me while she was opening presents.  She pretty much had a lollipop in her mouth all day after the pinata was busted open and she collected about 50 of them.  She seriously would not take one out of her mouth...

...not at the photo booth...

...not even when we were singing her "Happy Birthday"!

The masks turned out to be so much fun, all the kids picked out their favorite to pose with at the photo booth.  Here are my girls:

Kara the lion (I literally had to pry the lollipop from her hands to take this pic)

Natalie! I have a feeling she may be embarrassed to see I posted this photo!

Here's a cute one so she doesn't get too mad.

And one last pic of the birthday girl having fun in the backyard.  I wanted you to see her whole outfit because I love the skirt!

I still can't believe my little Kare Bear is three years old.  It seems like just yesterday I was announcing her birth.  Someone stop the clock already!


  1. Ah so cute- I'm sure she loved her fabulous party!!! Thanks for sharing- your little one is adorable!

  2. cute, cute, cute! You know how to throw a party girlfriend! You are inspiring me for Abigail's birthday this summer!

  3. The mustache mask is priceless! What a great party!

  4. What a sweet party idea for a little girl! My mom always had themed parties for my sister & me when we were little... Fun to see your ideas!

  5. she is too cute! i love this theme and the cupcakes are so cute! love the masks too :) xoxo jillian:: enter to win a leigh viner print!

  6. so much fun!! looks like she had a wonderful party and I loved all the details!


  7. So adorable. I LOVE the photo booth and masks. Your girls are so cute :) My son turns 3 in August, he still straddles that baby/"big boy" line for me. It's definitely hard seeing them grow up sometimes!

  8. your girls are dolls and i love the way the entry table looks, eso the goodie bags! such a great find. and i never knew her middle name was avery! love.

  9. Such a cute birthday party theme!!! Love the decorations and yummy snacks - and the photobooth too! All of it is too cute. And such an adorable little girl!!
    Star Hughes Living

  10. How did you manage to pull off a stylish circus kiddie party?? It looks awesome, not too overdone but fun and different! And those girls...oh man, I want to just squeeze em. Oh and I love the photobooth backdrop fabric and the cotton candy in cups, genius.