Interior Infatuation: Spanish Flair

I fell hard for the whole romantic notion behind this home.  The Tejada family bought property in California that had a farmhouse, a waterfall and a walnut grove.  They restored and added on to the farmhouse, planted grapes and started making wine, and threw some llamas and chickens in the mix too.  All in the name of recreating the rural lifestyle they had in their home village in Spain.

I just love the bohemian, come as you are vibe they have created.

In the mornings they wake up to check on their vines.  They always serve up tapas to visitors, and have a supply of colorful shawls, straw hats and canes for guests to use.  How fun is that?

This set-up is outside year round for lounging. They simply cover them in bad weather.

One of the owners is the senior VP of design for Pottery Barn Kids and PBTeen.  Obviously a creative soul was behind all this. 

I envy the type of person who can really envision how they want to live their life and just do it. What would your ideal life look like?

Images via Sunset.com


  1. I'm blessed to say the life I want is the life I'm living right now!

    I married my soul mate this past September and took a leap of faith moving to Sydney without jobs this past January.

    We now both have jobs and are living next to one of the most beautiful harbours in the world! Stay-cation central. :)

  2. Hi Jackie,
    Just wondered if you're going to do "Thursday Latelies" again. I loved your posts! You had so many good ideas.

  3. This is my dream home! My husband and I both love homes with Spanish architecture & decor. This home is beautiful!

  4. Anonymous-Ah, you called me out! I was wondering if anyone would notice ;) Things have gotten busier with summer and vacations, and they take longer than your average post so that is why I haven't done one in awhile. I do plan to do more again in the future though! Thanks for asking!

  5. Wow, such a gorgeous home! My favorite picture is the outdoor bed...my goodness I would LOVE to have that in my back yard to lounge around on!
    Star Hughes Living

  6. I find this to be incredibly inspiring! Thank u for your kind words about my blog this am.