California Draming: Sonoma Wine Country Trip: Eats

The one thing my friend Erin and I were super excited to do on our mini getaway was to eat, eat, eat!  Seriously, we had no shopping in mind-our past time was planned to be solely eating and drinking.  And let me tell you, Healdsburg did not disappoint in the culinary department.

When we arrived I decided to take her to lunch at the Healdsburg Bar & Grill.  I have eaten there before and loved it, so I knew Erin would too.

We sat out on the patio because it was a beautiful sunny day.  We now both want aged wood pergolas and ivy covered walls in our backyards.  Not too much to ask right?  Get on it husbands!  I wish I took more pictures here because the view of the other side of the yard wad so pretty.

On the left are the most amazing parmesan and truffle oil french fries in the world.  Along with garlic aioli for dipping. Mmmm. Erin ordered the ahi tuna sandwich with asian slaw, pickled ginger, wasabi aioli and daikon sprouts, which you see on the right.  I'm not that adventurous-the raw portion of it kind of freaks me out, but she said it was delicious. 

Later that night was our dinner at the Dry Creek Kitchen.

I loved the decor inside, especially the little cork flower pots.  I snapped this pic earlier in the day, before it was open.

And here is all our fancy food:

Fresh rigatoni pasta with arugula pesto, toasted walnut, ricotta salata, and house cured lardo (which was similar in taste to prosciutto). Dyyyyyiiinggggggg.

Brioche crusted halibut with english pea mousseline, ham hock, pickled red onion.  I wanted to go back and find Charlie Palmer and give him a big fat hug and kiss after eating this.  But I refrained.  I figured it would be looked down upon at a place like this. 

Blood Orange Martini.

And now to our desserts! Erin picked the "Valhrona Bittersweet Chocolate Cremuex" with sweetened creme fraiche, cocoa nib streusel, and toasted devils food cake.  The chocolate cremuex is fancy for chocolate mousse that melts in your mouth and is velvety smooth. ( It think I just channeled Fancy Nancy right now.  She would definitely love it there).

I went all wild and ordered the "Coconut Forbidden Rice Pudding".  How could I not? It was accompanied by pineapples, hibiscus sauce and banana sorbet.  And just so you don't think I have the best memory in the world-I am consulting the online menu as I type.

Okay, so that rounds up day one of our eats.  I'll be posting later this week about our food and wine pairing at Kendall Jackson (highly recommended) and our adventures from other wineries as well!


  1. I'm dying! And I'm booking a trip, seriously, Andrew and I need to get our tails out there to hang with you and Fidel and eat and drink. Don't you think?

  2. ok this is just cruel. next time you better invite me!!!

  3. I agree-would definately love an ivy wall in my backyard as well! Those parmesean fries look amazing!

  4. Wow wow wow! It all looks so amazing! The food looks delicious and beautiful.... very jealous right now

  5. Love the pic of you holding the martini, and all the bracelets and matching polish and shirt...we could all stand to order color-coordinated drinks more often ;) Cute!