California Dreaming: Sonoma Wine Country Trip: Drinks

I've had these pics in my drafts to post, with the intention of doing a big write up on my wine tasting experience but blogger keeps being a b@#ch so I'm just going to hurry and post these while it's working.  I'm warning you blogger-any more screw ups and I may be outtie 500.

Where it all began. Kendall-Jackson.

My friend Erin and me getting our taste on at K-J

My little brother and his adorable girlfriend.  He works at K-J and got us the hook up for an amazing food and wine pairing.  You must try something like that sometime!

Line em up!

Part of the food pairing...

...and more

...and more!  What is so cool about this is the chef brings out each dish and describes how and why he made each particular item, and then tells you which wine to pair it with and what flavors it will bring out in the wine.  Of course by the end I was like "uh-huh, yeah sure" and just throwing back the wine, but it was a fun experience.

Now these all come from later in the day and I honestly couldn't tell you too much about any of them!  One too many glasses ya know...

Wineries at every turn.


  1. looks like an amazing time... that ends up being a lot of wine... huh!?!?

  2. Oh..I SO want to go to a winery...huge wine drinker..but I have only been to wine tasting in my life..
    Looks like SO much fun...and the food looks delic too.

  3. awe - yeahhhhh - i'm going wine tasting this weekend!!!!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  4. What fun...and those earrings you have on are so cute!

  5. THOSE are some serious pairings! no nuts or boring bruschetta here!

    and cute earrings, girl. :)