Thursday Latelies

Okay everyone, sorry for the late posting of this! Vimeo takes for evaaaa processing these darn videos.  
Let's chat!

Info from vid:
Vintage Circus Goodies from Michaels
Favorite snacks-pita chips, hummus, olives from the olive bar, spreadable brie cheese & pistachios!
Holly talks about it here!

Please note I am in no way compensated for anything I am recommending on my Thursday Latelies vlogs!  My recommendations come from my honest love for what I am sharing.


  1. Have a great trip this weekend! Sounds like a blast...

    And good impersonation of Fidel - I could totally picture him saying that! Ha!

    Fun to see your sweet face!

  2. Love my Sweetie Pie Style giver. Super cute video blog.

  3. Great video! Love that weekender bag, I need to go check out that link!

  4. Fun video girlfriend! I get to see you 2x in one day! I loved the Glass Castle, SUCH a good book! That author also wrote Half Broke Horses which is also JUST as good. You will love the book!

  5. Love the Circus Stuff!! I read the glass castle too, it was awesome! It reminded me of an updated version of a tree grow in brooklyn, have you read that? Thanks for sharing I enjoyed it!
    Jenny Lynne
    from The Imagination of Jenny Lynne

  6. Your daughter's birthday bash is going to be adorable! :) I especially love the masks, so fun! Mmm, I love hummus too...for the longest time I wanted to try and make it, but I never did because all the ones I saw required tahini, and I kept forgetting to buy it. Finally I came across one without it and it was FAB.

    Loved The Glass Castle--what a story! I'd checked it out from the library too, then made the mistake of having my hubby read the first few pages. From then on it was a tug-of-war with reading it.

    Thanks for highlighting some vintage style next week! Looking forward to it. Do you like hitting the local flea markets? They usually have interesting stuff. Curious as to what some of your favorite thrifts are? I find that certain ones are better for certain things...but I like Buy Rite. Always some kind of vintage to be found there!

  7. The circus b-day party is TOO cute for a 3 year old! How fun! You should use the rubber stamps with black ink to customize solid color napkins or cups to fit the party theme :)
    Love your blog, thanks for sharing!

  8. Thanks for the ideas Gretchen! Love the napkin idea. Was thinking of making cupcake toppers with the stamps too.

  9. 1. the water for elephants party is going to be adorable! 2. i am a huuuge salty snacker too. 3. i just started the glass castle. crazy. thanks for sharing:)

  10. haha you bought so many stamps!!!

    and i love the vintage circus masks, so stylish and cute!

    ill be sure to never dress up as a clown around you :)

    happy birthday to your baby girl kara!!!!

  11. i was mentioned on a video! hell yah! :)

    and glass castle, YES. so glad you got it and i love the way library books sound and feel! must get my next books there. tell me when you're done reading it, i want to tell you something i found out about the ending.

  12. i tried to leave a comment last week but i don't think it posted for some reason...so sorry if you already got this!
    i'm getting married in august and am trying to add more things to our registry but feel like i have most of the "normal" stuff you're supposed to ask for. i was just wondering if you have any favorite things around your house that you use daily/weekly that i could add to my registry.
    i really do love your vlogs- so cute and i'm a sucker for people's "favorites"! keep it up!!

  13. Thanks for your comment Jordan! I will work on something for you and talk about it in my next vlog!