Monday Morning {P}Inspirations

Wow, what an amazing weekend I had!  First of all, the world didn't end, so right there I knew things were looking up.  Then yesterday we had a birthday party at our house for my little Kara who turned three.  It was so much fun-she had a great time running around with her friends and pretty much just eating candy all day.  I let it slide since it was her birthday.  I posted a few pics from the party on twitter yesterday if you want to check them out.  So how was your weekend? Ready to kick off another week?  We'll let's do it then!

I need this zebra top.  Wouldn't mind the adorable smiling dog either.

I need this whole scenario in my backyard. 

I need this striped cake for my 30th bday party

I need to remember this.

I need to parade around in this headdress just because.


  1. I love the cake! That first photo - that pup is just too cute!!

  2. OMG that veranda - r u kidding me -i'd DIE to have that - ONE day!!!! - maybe i'll start investigating how to build it - lucky i'm handy :o)

  3. You should probaby wear that headress AND the zebra shirt to your 30th birthday party, where they're serving that cake. And the party's on that giant couch. Woops, did I ruin the surprise? Either way, I could live on that giant couch.