What I Wore- 80 Degrees Much?

So in between the storms of the century, our weather decided to take a day out to rock the sunshine and push temps to over 80 degrees. Oh California, you bi-polar little state you.  I wasn't quite sure what to do with myself, but better believe I was super stoked!

One thing I quickly remembered is how much I enjoy short hair in the summer months.  I can't stand the heavy weight of my hair making my neck all hot.  It will be a summer of pony tails for me this year since I've been on a growing my hair out mission.

I also remembered how much I love these wedges I've had for many many moons.  I think around 4 years.  I wear them mucho mas in the warm months and I can't believe what good shape they are still in.

It was so bright I even got to bust out my new shades.  I've been dying for a pair of Karen Walker sunnies, but the bargain hunter in me settled for these-I think they ended up being around $18 after discounts from Kohls.  With two little girlies who are always wanting to play with my glasses it makes no sense to spend much money on them.  They never last more than a season or two.

This is my "hurry up and take these pictures I'm melting" look.

Did I mention I love these shoes? I did? Oh, sorry.

A few last things I noted from our little glimpse of summer-like weather:
1. I need to get a tan, stat
2. I need to work out my legs so they don't look like noodles when I wear shorts
3. I need a pedicure
The end.

Shirt-American Eagle {similar}{similar}
Jeans-F21 {similar}{similar}
Sunnies-Kohls {similar}
Wedges-Kohls {similar}{similar}


  1. I am a wedge-fiend and totally love yours! Here's to the great weather :)

  2. Those wedges are amazing!!! You look amazing... I just love this outfit and I am so jealous of your sun and warmth of course! We need to skype soon! I haven't seen your sweet face in too long!

  3. Your vintage bracelets are absolutely fabulous!

  4. Love this look, that top and shoes are wonderful. I hope the sun stays with you, have a lovely week. ax

  5. What a cute, relaxed outfit! Love it. And I'd be mighty proud of those wedges too if they were mine. So cute.

  6. love the shoes! Oh how I long for warm weather!

  7. I love the top, a very easy look for everyday. I'm with you on the tan and some leg workouts!

  8. you are one cute mama! i love your wedges & sunglasses !