Interior Infatuation: The "Un-Kitchen"

My friends, my kitchen has been a major thorn in my side for the past six years since we have lived here.  Too many cabinets in the most awful finish (even though the builders called them "upgraded" cabinets-I can't even remember the name of the wood, all I know is it is an assault to my eyes), mismatched appliances, boring tile floor, ugly lighting fixtures.  I would love for this to be the year we finally are able to change the kitchen into what we would love.  My inspiration pics lately have all been of kitchens that, well, don't look like kitchens!  At least not your traditional kitchen.  Check out these and let me know what you think:

I adore the idea of no upper cabinets, and instead filling the space with large artwork.  This would be very doable for us.  We have so many cabinets, that we could take down one whole wall of them, and still have enough to hold all of our kitchen wares.  I will take photos over the weekend to show you, and to give you my final plan.

Here is another with no overhead cabinets, and loads of windows.  This would be my ultimate.  To put windows in where we are planning to take down the cabinets.  The problem with that would be 1: not sure if we could structurally do that 2. mucho dinero.  We shall see.  I also love the open shelving in this kitchen, the white cabinets, hardware and stainless steel appliances.

Drooooolz all over my keyboard. The lighting, the exposed brick, the shelving, windows.  I would give left pinky for this kitchen.  I'm assuming that's the finger you use the least right?

I love how this kitchen simply looks like an extension of the room, rather than a room unto itself.  If there were loads of cabinets it would look too heavy.  And that is how my kitchen feels: heavy, slow, constipated if you will.  I want to open that baby up and clear it out!

I have loads more inspiration pics to share, but I think I'll save them for another post.  I'd like for this to be a continuing series, the whole kitchen makeover extravaganza.  I'll just need to clear the hurdles of husband approval and money issues.  That should be a breeze.


  1. Great inspiration shots! You know we have been struggling with our kitchen too... you are not alone! Part of the fun is just dreaming though! I can't wait to see the progress...

  2. Love your interior design choices in this post!!! Especially the first kitchen with the black and white! amazing.

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