Currently Coveting: Succulents and Air Plants

I've been loving the creativity I've been seeing in the indoor plant world lately.  Terrariums have always been around, but they somehow seem, well, cooler lately.  And airplants are huuuuge right now.  With good reason-you can hardly kill them!  Here are a few pretties I've been enjoying:

Source: etsy.com via Jackie on Pinterest

And I still have a DIY I'm dying to try. Just haven't had any luck finding air plants locally. I may just buy them off esty instead.


  1. So cute--but there's something about big, colorful flowers that drives me wild!!! I need more color.

  2. I've killed four air plants and three succulents (and a lucky bamboo). Sigh. But I love the colors in them so I keep buying.

    I'll send you a link (if I remember, otherwise remind me!) of the site I've bought air plants from. Huge selection, careful packaging. Those little guys deserved better than to come live with me, the plant killer!

  3. i actually saw air plants at my local home depot!

    but im too scared to buy one. :x