Coachella 2011 Celebrity Style

I love to see how over-the-top boho people get at Coachella music festival.  It's like they take the most hippie pieces they have, throw them in a pile, close their eyes and put on on the first things they grab.  The end result is one giant boho-liscious statement-good or bad depending on how you look at it.   

Piera Gilardi,co owner and editor of Refinery 29.
I really like this look.  I like the varying prints of the shirt and shorts, with the common denominator of the color blue keeping it from getting too crazy.  Fun neon nails, a stack of bracelets and some cute flats make this look an A+.

Diane Kruger
This is good too. Simple and pretty.

Nicole Richie
Okay Nicole, I can dig it. Love the top, sunnies and shoes, though not a fan of the "too short to see them" shorts.

Katy Perry
No Katy. Just no.  This is boho granny and no me gusta.

Camille Belle

Kate Bosworth
No to the shirt, shoes and shorts. But I love her tassel necklaces.

Alessandra Ambrosio
Yes. Loves. Awesome scarf, cute dress and boots.

And the award for the biggest boho hot mess goes to:

Vanessa Hudgens.  I mean, really Vanessa? Really?!? Floppy hat, arm band, feathers in hair, ethnic print pants, cropped top, fringe bag. Boho officially threw up all over her.

So what are your thoughts? Who rocked it and who was a hot mess?

Images 1-3 via Bazaar, Images 4-8 via Just Jared


  1. Fun! I have a Coachella post scheduled for tomorrow... my lucky brother got to be there!

  2. I literally can't get one thought out of my head: I'm standing in Nicole Richie's place and I'm letting myself fall backwards into that gorgeous pool. *swoon*...

    so, greetings from the sweaty office, y'all. But at least it's sweaty and not freezing! Yay!

    Relatable Style

  3. I couldn't agree more with you on the last one. I am not a fan of that "taking it literally" look. It's too much. But the others were great. Love Diane Kruger and the first pic too. Great post.

  4. Can I look like Diane Kruger every day?!?!?!

  5. LOVE this post. I SO wish I could have been there! I actually just learned what it was. Have I been living under a rock? No, just Ohio (same thing)...anyways I love most of these looks. Boho is my jam. I agree though, Vanessa, wtf girl????

  6. HAHA great post!!!!

    i saw the picture of Camille Belle (i dont know who that is) and thought "damn, courtney cox looks SOOO youthful and amazing" lol!

    also, kate bosworth is just so beautiful i feel she sometimes tries to "ugly" up herself.

    and poor Vanessa Hudgens looks HORRIBLE. hot mess award indeed!

  7. Diane K is my fave....then again she is nearly always my fave with everything she wears! Envious of her wardrobe-and boyfriend! lol