What I Wore-Antiquing It Up

So you are getting iphone photos today, sorry cats.  I know people bemoan the use of them on blogs, but whatev, I do what I can do.  I wasn't about to be lugging the DSLR around with me while antiquing-it's serious biz and I don't want anything weighing me down!  I had the best intentions of taking proper wardrobe shots later in the weekend, but they fell through (i.e. didn't feel like getting dressed).

So here is what I wore for an amazing day time date with my hubby-eating out at a favorite downtown restaurant for lunch and then hitting up a giant antique mall:

I took advantage of the full length mirror I came across and snapped a few quick shots before anyone walked by and wondered what the hell I was doing.  Am I the only one who feels awkward taking pics of myself in public?

I bought this shirt recently at JCPenney, which funny enough I only went in to use the elevator up (don't like to navigate an escalator with two toddlers) and saw this shirt on the way. I grabbed it without even trying it on because I was in a hurry, but loved the style and color so much.  Luckily it fit when I tried it on at home.

My tassel necklace I am pretty proud of-$2.97 at AE after an additional 50% was taken off the clearance price.  If you follow me on twitter, you may have seen my tweet about lusting after some tassel earrings after Natalie Portman wore them at the Oscars.  I'll take pretty much anything with a tassel on it right now.  In fact, I just like saying the word.  Tassel!

Remember I mentioned that I was working on my stack?  Well, here it is in it's current state.  I took this photo while we were eating lunch out on the patio of our fave restaurant Harvest Moon.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  I had an iced tea and giant chicken salad-I was tricking myself into thinking it was summer already.

{my color is called "Mushroom Pate"-Jeesh, couldn't they have come up with a better name??}
Jeans-Old Navy
Bag-Hayden Harnett
Necklace-AE {similar}
Watch-UO {similar}
Orange Bracelet-JCrew {similar}
Mint Bracelet-H&M {similar}
Gold Bracelet-Vintage {similar}


  1. Love the outfit - even if it is photographed with an iPhone ;)

  2. your stack rocks!!!!! i need one of my own!

  3. Oh I love that top! Who would have thought JCPenny? I love little surprises like that! I totally don't have a "stack" - now I feel left out! Ha! I just may try to build one... don't be surprised!

  4. All i saw was the little thumbnail of your "stack" on Pleated Poppy and it was just so right I knew we'd be 'friends'! HA! can't wait to creep up on old posts!! It's so cute!

  5. I love everything about your outfit! Such a great look. The shoes are super cute, I may need to buy some.

  6. OOOHH, I LOVE stacked bracelets...like Emily on The Bachelor....I have a stack going too...I am up to 4 I wear DAILY Plus my watch!!

  7. Lovin' your stack.
    Also, love tassels. I inherited this cool pearl necklace from my grandma with a pearl tassel as the centerpiece. I'm trying to re-create it in other colors right now.

  8. tassel!

    Your stack makes me want a stack. And a cute outfit to stack it with.