Spring Home {Re}Fresh: Tips To Get Your Home Guest Ready

One thing I always get more excited about once Spring rolls around is entertaining.  With the sun shining, the flowers blooming, birds chirping and a cool breeze in the air, how can you not open your home up for some festive fun?  If there is one thing I am super anal about, it is preparing my home for visitors.  I get it from my mom (along with most of my other personality quirks-it's true that you eventually turn into your mother!), who always rushed around cleaning the house before visitors came.  Nothing could be out of place or un-dusted if company was coming.  So I've found myself on many, many occasions right before a party at our home, frantically cleaning from top to bottom.  It feels good to present your home to your guests in its best light.  Here are a few tips that I always make sure are done before I have visitors at Casa de Sweetie Pie:


  • Make sure the front looks clean and tidy: Lawn mowed and edged, weeds pulled, bushes trimmed, etc.
  • Porch should be swept away of all debris.
  • Don't forget to look up and brush any cobwebs from around the door and porch light.
  • Add colorful flowers to pots and surround your front door with them.
  • A "Welcome" mat is always nice too!

  • Mop floors
  • Wash and put away all dishes
  • Put away any clutter on counters-even stash the toaster and coffee pot
  • Wipe down counters
  • Make sure kitchen table is clean and free of clutter
  • This is a great room to light a scented candle, and have an arrangement of fresh flowers
Family/Living Room 
  • Dust furniture
  • Put away all toys/clutter
  • Fluff pillows on sofas
  • Vacuum
  • Have all blinds and curtains open to let that sun shine in!(Don't forget to make sure those windows are clean as well)
Guest Bathroom

  • Clean entire bathroom-toilets, sinks, counters, shower, etc
  • Put away all clutter-toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, etc.
  • Make sure hand soap is filled
  • Have clean towels out to dry hands
  • Empty garbage
  • This is another good spot for a scented candle and small floral arrangement
Now, the rest is where I cut corners.  If this is not a housewarming party where people will expect a full house tour, just close the rest of the bedroom doors and laundry room door.  I leave these rooms in whatever state they are in at the moment: clean or a total mess.  There is no point in cleaning areas that people aren't going to be in anyway, right??  At least that is my motto.  I also use these rooms as a place to stash any extra clutter from the other rooms (kitchen, family, bath) that I don't have time to put away or don't have another space for.  Throw it all in there and shut the door!  (I would lock it too if you can-don't want anyone poking their nose in!)

If you are having overnight guests, and have a guest room (lucky you to have extra space!) here are a few tips to make it feel like home:

Guest Room

  • Have nice clean linens.  I always prefer white, especially for a guest room.  I think it is good to keep the room neutral and hotel like.  You don't want to bombard your guest with patterns and colors that are too much for them.
  • Extra pillows of varying firmness and extra blankets are nice as well.
  • A side table on each side of the bed that includes a lamp
  • Nice extras for the side tables are a carafe of water and cups (or bottled water), unscented lotion, an interesting book or two, and a small vase of scentless flowers such as tulips.
What do you do to prepare your home for visitors?


  1. Sounds like my weekend. Seriously that's all we did this weekend was clean, plant flowers, trim bushes, etc. I need to get cracking on the guest room though.

  2. I am IN LOVE with that kitchen! Those cabinets are amazing!!!
    Ash @ www.acstylefiles.blogspot.com

  3. That porch is my dream porch! Oh my goodness, so perfect!