Personal Style Defined: Uptown/Downtown

Welcome to another installment of Personal Style Defined.  This week Jill and I are exploring uptown vs. downtown styles.

Ahh, the quintessential NY "It" girl dilemma: who reigns supreme? The classy with a pedigree uptown girl, or the funky chic downtown girl?  Somehow I always feel like a fall halfway in the middle of most extremes.  Remember all those quizzes in Seventeen magazine back in the day that helped you figure out "What kind of friend are you?" or "What is your study style?" or "Where is your ultimate spring break destination?"  I was usually an equal number of A's B's and C's.  I guess I'm just a Jack{ie} of all trades. 

I thought the most surefire, relevant way to illustrate the interior stylings of an uptown vs. downtown girl would be to share the NYC apartments of Olivia Palermo (classic uptown) and Whitney Port (classic downtown).  How can we forget the tension between those two on The City?  The way Olivia always stuck her nose up to poor old Whitney.  I actually kind of miss that show.

Uptown: Olivia Palermo's Tribeca Apartment

Now, geographically speaking, I am aware that her apartment is not located uptown.  But she most certainly hails from the area, and her mother who is an upper east side dweller and interior designer helped her decorate her apartment with an "Old Hollywood Glamour" feel.   Lots of classic pieces with a largely neutral base.  This is definitely a younger and fresher take on the uptown style of living. 

Downtown: Whitney Port 

 I love how colorful, funky and eclectic Whitney's abode is.  It fits her personality so well.  Downtown styles don't shy away from mixing and matching both bold and colorful prints, and have a casual, carefee vibe.
 So which do you find yourself more drawn to? Uptown or downtown style?  Head over to Jill's blog to see her fashion picks.

{Olivia Palermo photos via here and here, Whitney Port via here}


  1. Ha! That is so great that you found 'characters' for your uptown/downtown! I did too... except I chose Carrie and Charlotte as my muses. These two apartments are pure bliss to me - it's almost impossible to find a favorite. Even though they are both so different...

  2. Uptown, all the way. Even if Olivia is a snot, the girl has style.

  3. Olivia is amazing!! I am your newest follower!

    Monique xx