Monday Morning {P}Inspirations

We had a weekend full of gloom here in California. One storm after another rolled in and left us wondering where exactly spring is hiding?  A tornado even touched down in Santa Rosa where my parents live, which is highly unusual and freaky-deaky if you ask me!  Looks like March may be going out like a lion this year too, as the next full week has the same forecast.  Did anyone catch the "Supermoon" on Saturday?  It was the closest to earth as it has been in 18 years. I was so bummed that it was too cloudy for us to see, I imagine it was quite the sight.  Any fun tales from your weekend to share?


  1. Ooo, thanks for brightening my Monday. That tile in the first picture is gorgeous!

  2. Love all that color. I was sick all weekend, so we just sat inside the house and watched all the rain. I was totally bummed that we missed the super moon. :(

    Hope you have a great week!

  3. so over the rain and these freaky weather patterns!! i too missed the moon, ugh!

    also that flower mosaic is the most beautiful thing ive ever seen. its a shame the rest of the bathroom is lame!

    wow im such a critic today :p

    ps. hi girl!

  4. We didn't see the moon on Saturday either - too cloudy and we had some thunderstorms roll in too. Oh well, we saw it on Friday and it was gorgeous, does that count? LOL!

  5. So awed by the floral print at the bathroom, super lovely and the turquoise basin too. Love the blue berry lemonade there.

  6. Loving all of those pops of pink and yellow! So pretty.