Monday Morning {P}Inspirations

Good morning sweets.  How was your weekend?  We had one day of spring (Sat) and one day of winter (Sun), so I'm left feeling a bit bipolar.  Saturday I got up bright and early to make to get my hair cut and eyebrows waxed.  I was feeling all nice and cleaned up, the sun was shining and I had great expectations to come home and clean the heck out of my house.  Of course, the girls had other ideas (hubby was at work)  and decided to give me a run for my money all day and thwart any plans I had of being productive.  The kitchen is the only room that ended up clean.  I awoke Sunday to gray skies and drizzling rain.  Hubby was home and we kind of just lazed around the house all day.  I did manage to get him to take some "What I Wore" photos for me to post this week.  Later I met up with one of my friends for a sushi happy hour, which was much needed!  Love getting in some girl time with friends. 

Now here is your fresh dose of style to start the week off right!

Okay, now it's your turn; spill the deets of your weekend!


  1. Lovely photos. I really like the 2nd to the last photo of all those crystal/glass lights! beautiful!

  2. Oh I love all those blankets (rugs?) stacked in the first picture - I would love a huge stack like that in my house. Just to look at! Happy Monday...

  3. Love that sunburst necklace. I've really been loving simple gold necklaces lately.

    My weekend: Bought cleats/baseball pants for H, lunch @ Whole Foods, cleaning, nap (yay!), watched 127 Hours with B. Sunday: lazy morning/afternoon, dinner with friends.

  4. Sunday was also lazy for me, only Ryan was gone all day so I had the house to myself. Great intentions to clean but I watched a ton of season 2 of Greek instead. And am about halfway done with a DIY roman shade but got tired of crawling around on the floor with a hot glue gun so it's not quite done yet.

  5. That necklace... I think I'm gonna swoon. :)

    - Jess