The Look For Less: Target Edition

We all know I'm a Target whore, but really what SAHM isn't? (Sorry if you take offense to being lumped in there ladies).  Is it just me, or does the store just keep getting better and better?  Just as much as I love Target, I love a good look for less, so combine the two and I am in hog heaven. 

This is my favorite of the bunch, so I'm putting it first.  I have drooled hard core over the Proenza Schouler messenger bag on the left, but at  a whopping $1,995 that purchase won't be happening anytime soon-make that this lifetime. (Family of four on a police officer's budget, member?)  Enter Target to save the day with a much more affordable option. For $34.99 the baby on the right could be yours.  And it will be mine next time I stop in for a visit.

On the left we have a cute pair of nude wedges by Dolce Vita, which cost around $85.  On the right is a Target version for $30.  Me likey. These shoes would go with everything this spring.

Lastly, on the left we have a Michael Kors python embossed leather tote for $198.  On the right good 'ol Target has a version for $20.  I love the slim line of these totes. A classic.
Have you found any good looks for less lately? Do tell!


  1. I'm in L-O-V-E with Target. I love all the re-style stuff for the home, especially the white frames. Such clean lines and affordable.

  2. I may not be a SAHM but I am also a Target whore. I just saw these messengers bags at Target while I was on my lunch break. I instantly fell in love. I didn't have a lot of time to look at them and decide on a color so I decided to go back in the next day or so to pick one up.
    Anyways thought it was too funny to open my google reader and see a post about the bags I had just drooled over.....


  3. oh Target. The crack for stay-at-home moms all over. I love them TOO much... I just couldn't believe the great clothes I found there recently. I usually 'like' their clothes, but not love them so much that I just blow my clothing budget in like 10 minutes (which I totally did, btw!) Speaking of, I should go there tonight!

  4. great look for less! I just found those sandals at target.com earlier this afternoon and loved them - how ironic! that top bag is also a great find!

  5. HA! I'm writing an "Accidental Target" post right now--I'm obsessed. And those wedges are gorgeous--exactly the type of architectural details I've been looking for!

  6. I am oh so proud to be a target whore. Yes, I said it and feel much better. Some goodies here, I must have that Merona Tote! Just bought the sandals, and love love love them.

    Thanks for bringing these goodies to my attention.

  7. Proud to be a Target whore and great finds, Jackie!!

  8. love love love Target!!

    Ash @ www.acstylefiles.blogspot.com