Interior Infatuation: Girls' Room Inspiration

I've been storing away inspiration photos for a little refresh of my girls' shared room.  It's fine as it is, but the walls definitely need to be re-painted, so might as well freshen the rest up!  Here are some rooms that are getting my wheels turning:

I have this exact dresser from when I was young-it's not as long, it only has the middle section of drawers, but I already had it in my mind to move it in the girls' room and paint it mint green, so imagine my surprise when I ran across this pic today! I'm glad I have a visual now of what it can turn out looking like.

The style I decided on for their room is a mix of eclectic, vintage and modern.  I won't have to buy much really-just paint and maybe some new fabric for pillows and a new rug.  Who knows where I will end up though.  I'm actually finding it more difficult than I ever dreamed because my five year old Natalie actually has an opinion now on how she wants it to look-and a strong one at that.  She won't settle for anything less than hot pink walls at this point.  Wish me luck, and any advice you have on negotiating with a five year old is welcome! 


  1. We are in the process of slightly updating the nursery, and putting our oldest in a big girl room. We added the Ikea Fillsta to the nursery, and Mary Clare loves it! I don't think she'll want to leave that room, which could be a problem.

  2. These are beyond cute, your girls are lucky to have such a tasteful momma!!


  3. Love the rooms especially that dresser. My mom still has mine but I don't think it has those beautiful curved legs. I am still gonna steal it back and paint it.

  4. I have my two girls sharing a room too. One is 8 and one is 5. I am using the Patch Percale duvet from Land of Nod. I loved the vintage look of it and it had some pink in it too for my one daughter who loves pink. I just painted the walls a creamy white and I am now going to paint my vintage dressers a high gloss green color. By the way Cost Plus has very cute knobs similar to Anthropologie for very cheap. I just got beautiful white porcelain rose knobs and it is friends and family this weekend. Good Luck with your project!

  5. I love the 3rd photo down. Do you know what site that is from?