Interior Infatuation: A Few Randoms

I've always adored the look of old steamer trunks as side/coffee tables.  An LV label never hurts, but any old version would do really. I think I'm going to start looking out for some on my hunting trips-they are always peppered around thrift and antique shops.  Also, notice the glass pyramid on top? Well I've been obsessing over those for awhile and have a fun little DIY to share with you soooon. (Aka when I get my act together and do it)

I love this ikea hack of one of their popular bunk beds.  Doesn't it look so fun? I picture the girls huddled up together telling secrets in the cozy corners.  Not for a year or two though, because Kara my almost three year old would try launching herself off the top for sure.  She's turning into quite the daredevil as of late.

Now this could get me behind doing the laundry.  Well, almost. It's never ending and quite frankly the bane of my existence.

I still love a beat up old farm table paired with modern chairs.  Old loves die hard.  And the purple door is fun too, no?

Lastly, this bright little corner made my day.

What interiors have you infatuated lately?


  1. What a pretty laundry room! I love the sparkly stool in the purple door picture!

  2. That laundry room kills me - so gorgeous!!

  3. ohhh I love the first room! And the black walls!!

  4. Wow the laundry room looks so luxe!! also I looked up the photo on tineye and found two sources: http://www.tineye.com/search/623225589ef9e1ead9eb82bcebe6d397d93c3132/

  5. I think this is the original: http://www.designspongeonline.com/2010/10/before-after-adriannes-console-dagnys-laundry-room.html

  6. You have such an eye for the unexpected. My room pics are always different shades of the same thing - you my dear, should be a magazine editor or something. The IKEA hack bad has had me kicking myself for not purchasing one when I wanted to a few years ago and the la la laundry room, well I'm in love.