Around My House: Vintage Goodies & Pillow {Re}Fresh

A few things I'm enjoying lately in Sweetie Pie land:

A vintage napkin holder I am using to hold business stationary.

Found this sweet mug on a recent thrifting trip.  It's just sitting on my desk looking cute.

These are two pages from a vintage book I had framed. I love the colors, patterns and shapes of the rocks.  I'm just having a hard time deciding where to put them.


In other news, taking a cue from my Spring {Re}Fresh Series, I added some colorful pillows to the bed in my master.  I mixed and matched up three options. Let me know your fave:

Option 1: 2 watermelon floral ~1 turquoise ikat.

Option 2: 2 watermelon floral ~ 1 leopard

Option 3: 2 turquoise lattice ~ 1 leopard

If you notice, the pillows in the back are one and the same-they are reversible.  Oh how I love a reversible pillow. Perfect for those with design ADD like me.  

So what do you think?  Care to see them more far away? Okay!

Option 1

 Option 2

 Option 3

I'm obviously having a lot of fun with my new camera!  Cast your vote with a comment.  I'm leaning toward option 2 at this point.

One word on bedding-I am a white sheets with white coverelet girl all the way.  I've tried myriad colors and patterns and always come back to white.  It's clean, fresh and soothing.  I'm also not big on duvets. They are just too much for me.  I feel like I am suffocating under them. Not to mention the totally annoying cover that never seems to stay in place.  Definitely picky with my bedding!  Are you?

Soon I will show you the wall decor I am going to be putting above the bed.  It's waiting for a little spray paint action right now, that I hope to get to this weekend.  Spring Fever in full effect!


  1. Oh I love the napkin holder re-use, what a great idea, too cute! I am going hunting with my mom this weekend for treasures, I am looking for something unique to hold a couple of file folders, I am going to have to keep my eye peeled and mind opened.

    I love option #1!

  2. I'm liking option 2 best as well. And that little mug is so cute! (very 'Jackie'!)

    I am an all white bedding gal too - must be white! I like a duvet though, I'm addicted to them. I just got a new one at Target that has interior ties to hold the comforter in place. I thought it sounded weird, but it works!

  3. It was a toss up between Option 2 and 3 but I think my vote is for Option 2! Love the leopard print!

  4. I am loving option 2 the most, with option 3 a close second. I wish I could do white bedding, but my dogs would quickly turn it brown!

  5. i'm surprising myself, and am really liking #1 best.

    but that doesn't mean i don't love that leopard pillow! where did you find her? :)

  6. I love option 1 the best..I usually would gravitate towards ones with the leopard in it, but for some reason it's throwing me off.

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  7. I love Option #1 - love leopard but that particular pattern is coming off much darker than your background pillows. The ikat really ties in the lamps too.

  8. i am DYING for that napkin/business stationary holder. so so cute!

    i like option 2!


  9. I love all your vintage finds, very cute! :)

  10. Hmm, I'm torn between 2 & 3, but I think 3 wins!

  11. Option 1 is definitely my favorite :-D By far!

  12. My favorite is the first one, by far :)

  13. I love #1, where did you get those frames for the magazine pages? I love their simplicity!

  14. I love your business holder, so cute. I am going with option 1 but tweaked. I would flip the pink floral to the turquoise and use the ikat pillow (I love this and how it ties in your lamps). Then I would add two euro shams, white with brown trim (pottery barn and restoration have great options and in that color). Can't wait to see what you do.