What I Wore- No Reservations

On Sunday night I had the awesome opportunity to go see Anthony Bourdain speak at my local performing arts center.  Our friends had snatched up four tickets in December before they sold out (in one week!) but then the other couple that was supposed to go with them had to cancel. Bad for them, but good for us, because then we were asked to go! Woo hoo! (Thanks Erin!)  He was so good, as expected.  Funny, crass, smart, wordly, loved it.  If you aren't familiar with his show, No Reservations, you should definitely check it out.  He travels the world and eats just as the locals do, which as you can imagine can get pretty wacky sometimes.

Anywhoooo, here is what I wore:

I was getting tired of my usual dark-skinny-jeans-for-a-night-out look.  I wasn't feeling a dress for whatever reason either, so I decided to dig out these DKNY trousers I have had for seven (!) years.  These go back to my Real Estate days people.  Luckily they are still in perfect condition and fit.  I guess having two kids didn't change my figure as much as I thought!  I busted them out because the whole wide leg look is coming back with a vengeance, and if I can be on trend then I am def gonna be on trend!

This leopard print blouse is probably my best Target purchase of all time.  I really love it. 

Somehow my purse never got a good shot in.  Poor guy.  You can kind of see it over there on the right.   Catch him in action in this previous post if you will-sporting him in day 10 of 30.  Wouldn't want to hurt his feelings.

Leopared print blouse-Target-on sale
DKNY trousers-Macy's {similar}{similar}{similar-on sale}
purse-vintage {similar}{similar}
Necklace-LOFT {similar-on sale!}{similar}
Shoes-Target {similar}{similar-on sale}
Lipstick-Nars Heatwave

So any Anthony Bourdain fans out there? And sorry Shannon, I wasn't able to cop a feel.


  1. Dang girl! You look AMAZING! I should pull out some of my old trousers and see if they still look that good! Love the top as well. I do enjoy AB's show, I don't know if I am a super-fan, I know he has some crazy fans, but I bet it was a fun night!

  2. So cute! You've inspired me -- I need some wide legged trousers.

  3. You look amazing!!! I'm obsessed with wide leg dress pant and yours are divine. Of course, adore your leopard blouse and that necklace is killer. Fabulous look my dear!

  4. That is a fantastic ouotfit. you look great! Hope you had fun!

  5. I love the outfit, I like that you went with the wide leg pants!

  6. That is one awesome blouse! Usually I am not a fan of animal print clothing, but you've just changed my mind! :)

  7. you look awesome!!!!!

    im soooo sick of my same dark skinny denium for nights out as well. you are motivating me, big time.

  8. I love love LOVE this outfit. Still loving you darker hair with bangs too. You look amazing in these pics - seriously!!


  9. I love Anthony Bourdain! That's so cool you got to see him.

    I have a dress from Target that is the exact same print (and material, I think). Its pretty much the most comfy dress ever.

    You look great!

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    outfits FOR SALE from $10!

  10. I love your wideleg trousers! The silhouette is always so classy - and the leopard blouse is really pretty!

    -Carrie :)

  11. Great outfit! Really love it all together.

  12. i wasn't so sure about the whole wide leg trend but those pants sold it for me. looking good! and still loving those bangs.

  13. Great outfit! I bet the show was good!

  14. Your look gorgeous! Love the blouse and your fun red lipstick. Those trousers look great on you!

  15. That is so awesome! I love him and that blouse is gorgeous!

  16. So cute - I almost bought that top, but didn't. Wish I did now - lol! Sounds like a great evening - you look great!

  17. you had 2 kids and you can still fit in your pants form 7 years ago? good for you!!!

    by the way, your blog is so cute!


  18. umm...

    you are smokin HOT!!!



  19. You are the epitome of class, lady! You look so good meoowwwww. DId I really just write that? Kill me. But I'm glad you got to go see him. You know how couples have free passes for celebrities should the opportunity ever present itself? He's my free pass. LOVE him.