Welcome Made by Girl Readers!

I wanted to pop in quickly to say hello and welcome to everyone who has popped over from my home tour that was featured on Made by Girl.  I died about ten times yesterday after Jen emailed me to say she had posted my tour.  Being an avid Made by Girl reader for several years now, it is quite an honor to be gracing her blog pages. Lots of you had questions as to the sources of the items in my home, and you can find them all by clicking here to view my complete home tour.  There is also a permanent link over to the left on my side bar titled...wait for it... "Home Tour".

I am really thrilled to have you all here, and many of you have become new followers so I look forward to seeing you around these parts!  I serve up a healthy dose of fashion and interior design related posts on a daily basis.  You can check out some of my past blog series here, learn some fun facts about me here, see some What I Wore posts here, follow me on twitter here and facebook here, 
and check out my vintage home goods shop here.

Whew, that should keep you busy for awhile, no?  Thanks again for stopping by!


  1. That is so exciting! I enjoyed your home tour!

  2. I am now following your blog, and I loved your home tour!! So nice!!

  3. That is so cool;)
    I LOVED your home tour!
    I am your new follower!
    Please visit my blog
    Lovely greetings...;)

  4. Jackie, I was so excited when I saw your home on Jen's blog yesterday. I recognized it immediately!

  5. I'm a new follower after seeing your home tour on Made by girl and I love it! I also Love your Etsy shop =) Looking forward to seeing more!