Kitchen Week: Purge & Organize

One thing I knew I had to tackle before going forward with any type of kitchen re-do was to get rid of unwanted and unused items.  I've been purging clutter like a madwoman around here.  We took three boxes full of kitchen stuff to the Goodwill the other day.  Felt so good.  Next on my list is to organize my kitchen in order to make it more functional and efficient.  I've found a few fun things to help me on my way:

Takeout Menu organizer
Because we really do go searching for our take-out menus that much.  Why are they never where we left them?? 

Saran Wrap/Foil organizer
I'm tired of shoving them haphazardly in a drawer.  This would go nicely in the pantry
Glass jars for juice.  
Wouldn't juice look more satisfying if it was in a nice simple container? I think so.  It would also help streamline the fridge.

Acrylic Teabag holder.
I have entirely too many boxes and bags floating around.

And the ultimate random, unnecessary item-a thingamajig that you talk your grocery list into and it prints you out a list.   I'm not really going to get this, I just found it rather hilarious.  Like it is so hard to jot a few items down on a piece of paper!

Recycling organizers
These would fit nicely at the bottom of the pantry.

Mug rack
This mug rack is cute, although not necessary.  I will probably put my mugs on our open shelving

Recipe Organizer
There are so many cute ones out there, but this one seems really functional.

Spice Rack
Again, for the pantry.  It's getting a major overhaul people.

These are just a few accessories with an industrial vibe that I like:
drawer pulls with label slot

Once it is all nice and organized, it's time to clean!
Mrs. Meyers Basil is my favorite scent to use.  I got super stoked today when I discovered my local OSH had a whole section full of Mrs. Meyer's.  It had to be the whole line.  I picked up some toilet bowl cleaner, which I didn't even realize they had.  And I am never without my Counter Spray. 

And of course a few cleaning tools.  I even need to freshen up those! 
I had lots of pretty pantry inspirations I wanted to share with you today, but alas pinterest wasn't working again (really sick of the servers are busy sign!), so it will have to wait for another time.  Do you have any favorite kitchen organizing ideas to share?


  1. I love that "Housekeepers" box for storage... so cute! Now, I just need a housekeeper. Oh wait, they are referring to me!?!?!

    I also need a new broom too... those are cute!

    When we started re-doing our kitchen I got rid of all of the "kid stuff" crazy cups and bowls and jibber jabber that we have been randomly collecting over the years with kids. It felt SO good and the kids are perfectly fine using the regular plates and glasses.

  2. Jill-I was thinking of doing the same thing! I actually threw out all their old plastic cups and bought them each one thermos that has a straw, and they use that most of the day. I also have started giving them the smaller size glass cups. I think I will do the same with their plates now too.

  3. I love all the organizing stuff! Our new kitchen is tiny so we're really gonna have to pack in.