Interior Infatuation: Open & Airy

I had hearts in my eyes when I saw this home tour featured on Design Sponge on Monday.  Or maybe that was just because it was Valentine's Day?  Hmmmm.  Oh well, it's just gorgeous and that's all I have to say about that.  Now where's my box of chocolates...(note that can be both a Forrest Gump and Valentine's Day reference. Put that in your pipe and smoke it)

The wall color in the dining room makes the perfect backdrop for the amazing artwork to pop off of.  I love the little cluster of knick-knacks around the lamp.  You all know I am a knick-knack kinda girl.

Yes please
. And that stool is fun, but do you know they run around $275 a pop? Jeez, you could DIY that for like $5 if you wanted to. Maybe I will just to make a point.

Blue is a fave color of mine (you've seen my home tour right? blue galore)  I love the way this particular shade looks painted inside the cabinets.

What a beautiful, sunshine filled room.  Oh to be a kitty cat curled up on the rug in that ray of sun.


  1. Wow stunning! I don't know how I missed that!

  2. i have 2 chairs that i have thrown sheepskin over the backs to!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  3. that yellow stool would be a perfect DIY! I am crazy about that kitchen cabinet...we are in the process of renovating the kitchen in our 1800s hunting lodge and I am torn between traditional cabinets and using an antique free standing armoire style piece (no counter space with the latter) but either way I want to paint the interior teal. I am not a blue person but teal.... oh teal, how I squeal for teal!

    Thanks for a great post, and for pushing me a little more towards the armoire....

  4. Those first two posts are EXACTLY like what I'm trying to do right now in the house we're thinking of buying (it's mid-renovation). The color on the walls. The marble counters and white cabinets. Love love love love love. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hello Jackie!!! I am here via Ashlina's blog. LOVE your home office and love your blog. You have great style and great taste. I'm glad to be follower #601 and I look forward to future posts!

  6. Makes me want to go decorate! Lovely inspirations!