For the Love of Chambray

I ordered this chambray top today, after much research and consideration:

Elements at ShopStyle

It's serious business picking out the perfect one you know.  The Element Monterey Chambray Shirt.  Marked down from $42 to $24.99 with an additional 20% off sale items at Swell.  It ended up being around $19.00. 

I've been hoarding chambray top inspirations over at my home away from home pinterest:

Looks great paired with a fun print skirt and loads of necklaces


 worn slouchy over black skinnies

or sexed up

with shorts

unbuttoned over stripes

with leopard...

you get the picture.

To see my other top four picks that didn't make the final cut, check out my post today on 100* Inspirations.


  1. Yay for Chambray! Your choiches are great. Coincidentally, I just posted my outfit for today: A chambray shirt :-) What else?


  2. jcrew has a cute one with a heart! im waiting for it to go on sale!

  3. I am convinced that I need one too! Thanks for the post!

  4. i LOVE it too, i mean look at all those options, endless!!! great inspirations!!

  5. I am such a freak I can't get past the feeling that I am trying to be me, a la 1992, when I wore them in high school. LOL.

    But honestly, they never looked that good back then, so I think I might have to try again. ;)

  6. I cleaned out my closet last fall & got rid of mine!! i am so kicking myself now!!! Will have to get another one....

  7. I love your chambray inspirations--thanks for the new ideas for sporting mine :)