Currently Coveting: Rose Noir

I've been having a bit of a love affair with black florals lately, and this ad for Talbot's featuring one of my favorite actresses, Julianne Moore, just does it for me:

It's oozing a dreamy yet eerie quality isn't it? A bit like how I would picture the real life translation of the conservatory from Clue to look like.  Board game nerd anyone?
It inspired me to create a little group of black floral beauties to covet:

What are you coveting as of late?


  1. Wow that is one dreamy image and I love all your picks!!

  2. GREY! Anything GREY! I am becoming consumed buy this color. It can look warm, cool- so many different ways when paired with various things. I'm considering painting our kitchen a silvery grey AND the master bedroom a dark grey... we'll see! :)

  3. Love the ad! I'm really in the tone-on-tone floral bag! Love, love, love!

  4. What a great ad, Julianne looks gorg! I like your choices too! I'm currently coveting stripes and lace.