Style Your Resolutions: Workout Outfits to Inspire

I know many of you likely have personal health goals at the top of your New Year's resolutions.  I definitely need to get back to some sort of weekly exercise routine in order to boost my energy and relieve some anxiety.  If you are in the same boat, I have put together some workout outfits for you to help motivate you and get you going on your way.  Because step one of getting off the couch and to the gym is having the right gear for the job!

For each outfit I have mixed in these essentials:

  • Comfy pants in either gray or black; cropped or full length
  • A workout tank
  • A warm cover-up to wear outside before and after workouts {or during if you like to really sweat it out!}
  • Athletic Shoes
  • A sporty watch to keep track of time-try and get at least 30 minutes in girl!
  • A fun tote to carry the extras {which I have a few ideas for at the end as well}

Let's Get It Started!

Yoga Chic

Urban on the Move

Pilates Sophisticate

Hip Hop Moves

Spin Class at 6

Treadmill Training

The Extras:

Here are a few items to throw in your gym tote:

Yes, I know a Sports Bra is an essential not an extra! Just couldn't do a post on workout gear without including one!
Fingerless gloves-keep your hands warm, but fingers free for any outdoor activities
Rosewater Refreshing Wipes-for a quick post-workout cleanse. Vegan and great for sensitive skin.
Yoga Socks-these look crazy but if you have super cold feet like me they seem like a great idea!

Keeping your hair away from your face is a must!

If you don't have time for a shower after your routine, use a dry shampoo to freshen your hair.  I love these, and use the Tresemme one between washes.

These facial sprays will revive and replenish your skin after a workout and will leave you feeling the same!

Okay ladies, what do you think?  Is this leaving you inspired to get moving?  You can do it!!


  1. I love the gear that you selected and you're right. The right gear is great motivation to get off my couch and into the gym. I personally LOVE the Stella McCartney shoes.

  2. This inspires me! I need new gear for the gym SO bad! I usually just do ALL black, but I need some more color and my shoes are shot. I love that white Nike pair.

    And hello!??! I am ALWAYS in need of chapstick at the gym, so annoying if you forget it!

    Move it move it girl!

  3. wow jackie, love em all, totally inspired to work out now!

  4. u made some really cute outfits - i find myself in these clothes on the weekends latley!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  5. love all the outfits! bought a new workout outfit to try to inspire myself. so far a no go. Maybe new shoes would help ;)

  6. That cocoon sweater need ta get in my CLOSET.


  7. Ooh, yes!

    I'll take one of everything!

  8. Hi!!
    My name is Ashley and I'm the author behind the blog A Hasty Life. I just started a new fashion series widely known as the 30 for 30 challenge. I chose 30 articles of clothing to wear for 30 days. I would love for you to stop by my blog and check it out!!

    Your fellow Rosebud,

    <3 Ashley

  9. I always hesitate to make fitness goals because it seems to cliche. But I really should plug in the ol' treadmill in the garage. It's currently serving as a drying rack for my laundry. I love that first look...totally me. And I really have been meaning to try those dry shampoos. Washing everyday is killing me and I spend my whole morning attached to the blow dryer.

    Who knew this fitness post would inspire such a rant from me?


  10. I get a ton of my workout clothes at kohls, bc they always send coupons and ahve it on sale. nothing like buying nike on sale.

    I also go to the adidas outlet up here and get the stella pieces. When it first came out, i went to FOUR countries-yes four-to get the sneakers. then finally found them in prague, and they were just horrendeous to work out in. but the clothes are super cute!

  11. i love the nike shoes! love workout clothes in general and the good thing about the simplifying I am trying to do (including clothes) workout clothes are not included!

  12. all of these are awesome choices and I love categories AND it makes me more excited about working out this year. Also yoga socks to me are amazing. My living room floors are hard wood, cold and my mat usually slides on them. These might help with traction issues! SCORE!

    All great choices and I love the beauty products too!

  13. This post is definitely inspiring me to get moving! Thank you :-)

  14. anyone of these outfits would definety get me out the door. out the door and to the gym that is - it was -20 last night here. yikes! no outdoor exercises for me!