SPPN Top 10: Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are nothing new, but I've been seeing them everywhere for Spring and I think they are making a bit of a comeback.  Before I always thought they made me look pregnant (a curse that happens after you have kids-anything loose and free-flowy makes me feel a bit that way), but I am loving the chic, laid-back vibe they give off and definitely want one or two for my Spring wardrobe.  Here are some I have on my radar (every time I say radar I start singing that Britney song):

A solid color is great for versatility and is a must-have.  I love the Kimono sleeve one from Target so much I put in two colors. (Shan, are you with me?)

Rio Maxi Dress, athleta
Halter Maxi, Alloy
Ruffle Maxi, Delias
Kimono sleeve Maxi, Target

A print is always fun, and I am jonesing for some stripes, chevron and boho-esque paisley!

"I'm checkin you so hot, so hot, wonder if you know you're on my radar..."


  1. I bought a black maxi dress like the top block third dress in and LOVE IT! They are super comfy and you will totally rock the look. :) *Amy

  2. I am a big fan of maxi dresses and hope to pick up a few more for Spring and Summer! Thanks for sharing these!

  3. i love them, but i just cannot do them.

  4. I'm dreaming about one too - I'm certainly going to snag one for Spring!