Re-Introducing- Personal Style Defined: Eclectic

I'm so excited to announce that Jill of The Good Life For Less and I are bringing back our Personal Style Defined series!  Every other week we will explore the elements of a different style theme.  Here on my blog, I will feature interiors and Jill will cover fashion on her blog.  Last year we covered Romantic, Modern, Preppy, Bohemian, Rock & Roll Chic, Parisian, Glamorous, Casual, Maternity/Nursery, and ended with out personal style formulas.  Let's get started this week with eclectic style.

This style is perfect to kick off with this week because it really goes with my new mantra of "don't just decorate-surround yourself with things you love".  An eclectic look is often layered, with many different patterns and textiles, mixed furnishings, artwork and decorative tchotchkes.  This style is great for showcasing vintage finds! Below are a few examples of eclectic interiors:

Do you think eclectic describes your personal style?  Now head over to Jill's blog to check out her eclectic fashion picks!


  1. Guh - I DIE over those art walls. Every single one. And that peacock pillow - is that Thomas Paul? I just wet myself. Perhaps my word verification says it best:



  2. I think a layered/collected design style is the one I identify with most. Beautiful photos and those cow chairs/abstract art in the first shot had me at hello. Gorgeous!

  3. i have no idea what my style is, so lets say eclectic. its like a miz of classic/modern/hollywood regency all mixed into one lol

  4. Great photo finds! Collages of personal (and funky) pictures make everything seem so cozy, and so alive. This is definitely on my to do list to make this happen in my own house!