My Home Tour is Live!

Ever since I added a home tour tab over on the sidebar there you little sweeties have been clicking on it like cuh-razy!  Well the pics are finally up! Go check it out by clicking on the Home Tour tab, or by clicking here.  I quickly sourced most items, but if you have any questions just let me know!


  1. Oh my goodness- there is so much goodness...I don't even know where to start. I love love love your desk- it's crazy fabulous. Also adore the Liberty of London fabric in your daughter's room and the leopard rug and the tablescapes and little bowls- all of it is gorgeous!

  2. Your home is beautiful as I knew it would be! I love your selection of patterns throughout - gorgeous!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. You've done a beautiful job with your home, Jackie. You have great taste! I loved every room!

  4. great job, i love it all!!! esp your family room and i think i just had a flashback to the first ever post i read on your blog! was it asking about advice on what to do with the fireplace area?

    everything is so fun and tasteful!

  5. Looks amazing! Thank you for all the source info. Great job! Can't wait to see the rest of the house. :)

  6. It's good Jac, so so good. You are the queen of vignettes. Every little thing looks perfect where it is. I think I'm going to post a collection of accessories and have you tell me how to arrange them. I'm so lost when it comes to that.

  7. These are a few of my fav-o-rite thiiiings:

    - framed marbleized paper as art
    - vintage date tracker
    - peacock print (duh)
    - THAT FRIGGING DESK FROM CRAIGSLIST????? Oh no you DIN'T. That is off the hook sick and wrong, and I have no problem admitting I am INSANE with jealousy.

    Also jealous I cannot have my books and "stuff" out because SOMEONE(S) would tear it all to shreds.


  8. Hey girl... I just went through your home tour for like a half an hour... SO MUCH INSPIRATION! Wow! I'll be revisiting this, or just getting you on a flight to help around here with perking up my house! Love it!

  9. OMG girl, can you come and help with my house (well when we finally get settled in one that isn't for sale - ha!)? Love it, you are one talented lady!!!

  10. I absolutely love it. The living room and mantle with its vintage pieces are definitely a high point, but I love your office and little girls' room, too. The way you've grouped colors with textiles makes each room unique, and I can't keep my eyes off the details. Thanks so much for posting it all. It looks gorgeous!

    -xoxo Noe