Monday Morning {P}Inspirations

Good morning sunshine!  I say that with an enthusiasm I don't actually have in the morning.  I'm actually quite cranky until two cups of coffee and 11:00am roll around.  Yeah, it takes me that long to warm up to the day.  So how was your weekend?  We had some sunny and warm days here, which was nice because I got outside, did some yard work and let the girls play on their playground, which they hadn't done all winter.  Soaking up that Vitamin D while we we can!  Of course, once inside the sun isn't as fun, because that's when you see really how messy your home has gotten through the winter months.  Oh, hello there cobwebs in the corner, I hadn't noticed you in the gloomy days prior-that sun streaming through the window sure does illuminate you quite nicely.  Needless to say, I did a bit of pre-spring cleaning around here as well.

For this week's {P}inspirations, I've chosen some earthy, laid-back, funky, cool and pretty stuff for you.  Didn't want to leave anything out of the mix.  Given it to ya straight, because that's what you deserve on a Monday morning!


  1. I just did three hours of ironing... how's that for a bad start of the week?

    Love that green necklace.

  2. Loving that necklace...perfect soft shade of green.
    Stopping by for the first time....great blog:)
    I am following and will be back soon for sure!

  3. Oh how I love Pinterest-so much pretty to be had- great picks this week my dear.

  4. The ottoman and the necklace are definitely my faves!