Lonny Love Hangover

I try not to do this very often because everyone and their mailman posts Lonny recaps, but the Jan/Feb issue is legit yo! There is no way I could resist posting these delicious shots:

This family room is damn near perfection.  Love the blushy-coral tones in the ottoman and ikat pillows and chairs, the glossy black floor, the sofa, the built-ins-everydamnthing!

And then you have this amazing home filled to the brim with Fornasetti pieces:

I'm sure you don't need all those plates, right girl who owns this house? Spread the love around would ya?

I love a tall stack of books, especially arranged with little trinkets such as these.  I even like the stuffed bird.  Sorry PETA.

I really loved this quote from Angel Dormer, the girl who owns the apartment above: 

That is such a great approach as to what you fill your home with.  As part of my 2011 theme, authenticity, I am taking a hard look at what I have been holding on to as far as possessions go-home decor included-and am trying to weed out everything that is just taking up space, and is not really, truly loved.  I'm finding that most of what I have little to no attachment to are purchases from Big Box stores that have no meaning.  Those impulse purchases that weren't thoughtfully planned, those cheap substitutes for something else I was coveting but couldn't afford.  More on this later-just wanted to give you that food for thought!

Speaking of what I fill my home with-I have home tour pics to share with you soon!  Stay tuned!

PS-It's 1.11.11 today! Make a wish!


  1. During my first trip to NYC when I was in college (many years ago *ahem*) there was this couple at Barneys who were registering for Fornasetti plates for their wedding, I was mesmerized. It was really the first time I laid eyes on any Fornasetti items and it was love at first sight. I immediately decided that I would someday have some of those plates and hang them around my dining room as sort of a border near the ceiling. I'm still dreaming of doing just that! I love them just as much now as I did almost 20 years ago.

    (As for the date, I'm so totally geeked out that my b'day this year will be 11/11/11)

  2. I really liked this issue too- plenty of beautiful inspiration and PS to Jenny, I'd be dying of excitement of my bday was 11.11.11-how lucky a date!

  3. see, I found nuggets of it I loved, but I think bc the last holiday issue still has my dreaming at night, it just was meh for me.

    but ill still buy the hardcopy lol

  4. I have yet to check out the new Lonny... but that sounds like something perfect to do from my warm bed with a cup of tea tonight. (And i still haven't watched last night's Bachelor - so that too!)

    Can't wait to see the house tour pictures! Bring 'em on!