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This morning-5 Years Old

I'm feeling very nostalgic this morning and got all misty eyed looking through some of Natalie's old photos.  I truly cannot believe how fast time has gone.  Will someone stop the clock for a little bit please?!  Mommy loves you Nat, and I can't wait until you get home from school so we can have some fun!! Happy 5th Birthday!!


  1. awww, happy birthday to your sweet {and still little} girl!

  2. this made me tear up!!! Happy birthday to your little one! or I guess not so little anymore :/ My baby is turning 3 and I want the clock to stop too!

  3. Happy Birthing Day Mommy! It goes by in the blink of an eye. My oldest is 12 and he gets bigger every time I breathe. My baby is 10 1/2 and she is still a sweet baby until the hormones kick in every once in a while. Hold them tight and take a ton of pics to remember it all.

  4. happy bday to your little one! what a little darling!

  5. sweet...

    we're entering double figures in 2 months. THAT is scary too.

  6. Happy Birthday to your girl! Hope it was a great day!