Remember way back when I featured a What's In Your Bag series?  I still love a good peek inside others' purses, and now advertisers are giving us voyeurs some of the same.  


I'm enamored with this bag and the contents as owned by JCrew's head bridal "tastemaker". Kind of dying for a Bottega wallet now. Only in my wildest dreams!


Anthro has fictionally styled their bags up in the latest catalog, each with a different theme that matches the personality of the bag.  I think this is just genius, and is definitely marketing magic at it's best because I may not have given a second look to these bags if it weren't for the styling.


  1. If only the inside of my bag looked so good, the diaper bag just isn't nearly so glamorous!

  2. oh wow! really lovely post! inspiring :)

  3. I'm a big fan of "what's in their bag" styling. For marketing purposes or not, they always leave me wanting to shop for a super cute wardrobe for the INSIDE of my bag. Love the post!