Obsessing Over: "Jailor" Stripes

No, I don't mean sailor stripes-those are skinnier. I'm talking wider, bolder stripes-you know like that on a jail uniform.  At least that is what my mom thinks of them.  I however, love them.  I think it adds a very modern touch to an outfit.

I am SO mad that I missed out on the blazer below from LOFT.  It was too expensive for me ($98) when they first came in, but once the 40% off sale rolled around they were all sold out in my size.  I looked up the closest store to have it in my size and it is an hour and a half away.  I would totally go, but my December schedule is filled to the brim right now.  Best believe I'm going to be on the lookout for something similar!   

{Click on product for info}


  1. Just curious...but could you call the store and see if you could give them your information over the phone and have them mail it to you...if they have your size? I had a friend that worked at an Ann Taylor store and she did that for me.

  2. dude, i hope the blazer is in walnut creek! cuz i want one!

  3. I'm sure they would probably ship it to you. I had Ann Taylor Loft do that a few months ago for me. If not, I wuld be happy to check the store by me and if they have it I could ship it to you. It is cute!

  4. Duuuude - JUST this weekend I ordered a jailer stripe pea coat with a removable faux fur collar from ModCloth. Can't WAIT to get it. I also saw that Loft jacket in the store a few weeks ago and debated trying it on. SO. Freaking. Cute.

    I agree w/previous posts - call around and see if they can order/ship it to you!