Last Minute Christmas Crafts and Wrapping Ideas

I have been seriously addicted to pinterest since getting an invite two weeks ago.  My goodness, there is so much inspiration over there, all at a quick glance.  All of these ideas I found thanks to pins.  

Gift tags made from Trader Joe's bags.

Adorable tiny wrapped gifts centerpiece-use raisin boxes!

Sequin trees-wrap sequin trim around a Styrofoam form.

Sequin ball napkin rings-wrap sequin trim around Styrofoam balls.

Yarn wrapped gifts

All the links can be found on my pinterest holiday board.


  1. LOVE those yarn wrapped boxes... I could probably do that with all the yarn I have in the basement!

  2. LOVE the yarn wrapped packages and sequin ball napkin holders. Loving Pinterest as well..though it can be a big time waster:)

  3. Of course I love everything you posted. But I think I'm overwhelmed by the amount of cute ideas on the internet. I want to do them all but end up doing none. Meh. But sequin balls are where it's at. I want to host a fancy NYE dinner with those babies.