California Dreaming: Plantation Home & Lotus Bleu in San Francisco

I've journeyed to San Francisco twice this month already: once to check out Union Square for the holidays and visit my uncle who lives in town, and this past weekend to see the Donald Glover comedy show, like I mentioned on Friday (which turned out to be 75% rap concert-he apparently wants to go that route. But he was pretty good, so I'm not gonna hate). If all goes according to plan I will be heading back to the city this Sunday to hit up the Renegade Craft Fair with Holly.  December 2010 is shaping up to be the month of SF trips!

The day I visited with my uncle, he took us out to a lovely Italian restaurant on Hayes Street, which, to my delight, is the same street that Plantation Home and lotus bleu reside!  These stores are like walking into heaven for me, so of course I want you to be able to share the experience as well.  Because I know you, and you like the same stuff I do. 

Behold, Plantation Home:

This picture would have been so pretty if it weren't for those darn cars in front.

This store has mastered the art of the vignette.

Remember this chandy? Ahh yeah, I got to see it in the flesh!  And you get a Chandy Cam pic! Too bad this lamp shade down front is ruining the rest of the pic, because the bed behind it was glorious.

I long for the days when I can pile a ton of eye candy atop a coffee table.  I probably won't even attempt this until I am an empty nester in 20 years.

Hot damn! I loved the juxtaposition between the shiny tufted vinyl ottoman and the natural wood console.   Doesn't the ottoman remind you of the crazy inflated garbage bag Missy Elliot wore in The Rain video?  I'm glad this reminded me of that song-it was the jam!

Another sexy vignette.  I've had a long time love affair with those stacked boxes.
Me love you long time.

And on to lotus bleu...

I now want orange lattice window boxes filled with succulents.

This place is a bright, colorful, textile filled wonderland.  My mood was instantly lifted when I walked in this place.

Yes please.  All of it.

Oh, hi me taking a picture.  I was excited to see Jill Rosenwald pottery in the shop.

I loved the pagoda tray that there is a glimpse of in this pic.  I had to have major willpower not to buy anything on this trip, as Christmas is just around the corner and all extra cashola is going to gift giving.
I mean...how would you even choose?? I wanted to jump on this bed so bad!

Ah, I just love bringing you along on little trips like this.  We should do it more often, you are a great window shopping companion.

All photos taken by yours truly.


  1. fun, fun, fun... I love it when you take us shopping with you! Love the missy elliott ottoman - ha!

  2. Nice! I love the "jeweled holiday" theme - so pretty! I have dreams of having stuff like that, but not at this time in my life. Thanks for sharing!

  3. oh, i wonder if theyll both be open New Years Day to take a peek..im obsessed-that is if I can function new years day.

  4. love the second store!! thanks for letting us tag along. sure beats cold utah this morning!

  5. lotus bleu! WOWie. that shop looks amazeballs.

    i hope this wknd works out!

  6. That chandelier is to die for! I think you have to go with all of the fabrics, you know just to get the effect!

  7. Unsightly cars? Obtrusive lamp shades? And I thought you were a dedicated blogger. Next time I expect to read about you having cars towed and re-styling shops for the purpose of perfect blog photos.

  8. Ohhhhhhh, that glorious chandelier. Swoon!

  9. These pictures are making me want to visit San Francisco ...it's been too long!

    You MUST share pics from Renegade, too. I'm so jealous!

  10. I love all the interiors in these shops. It must have been so much fun, but oh so, difficult to resist buying anything.

    Sweet blog!

    Rambles with Reese