Holiday Gift Guide-Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Santa would be smart to drop a few of these items in a kids' stocking this year:

1. Eco-dough Tube made from all natural ingredients, so I won't freak out so much when my toddler tries to eat it for lunch.
2. The most awesomest stamp set eva! Long live SF! SF Stamp Set
3. Kids love chopsticks. Trust. And they will eat pretty much anything with them, making it great for picky eaters. "Chimpsticks"
4. A cute hat is functional for cold months and will also take up lots of room in the stocking- so Santa won't have to buy make so much stuff. Girl, Boy

Other items Santa likes to leave in my girls' stockings are fun little socks (from the dollar bins at Target), a big Christmas lollipop, stickers, a new pack of crayons, lipgloss (Natalie is obsessed).  What does santa leave in your kids' stockings?


  1. Santa's not real?! Just kidding- those are GREAT stocking stuffers. I am definitely using this guide when shopping for the kids I babysit for!

  2. Ooh these are great. Thanks for posting them :)

    Did you change your blog layout/header? It looks fabulous! Love it!

    I just posted a giveaway over at my blog- Hope you can come enter! Yay! :)

  3. Cute stuff! My kids love getting candy from Santa in their stockings. My 14 y.o. likes getting gift cards for iTunes or GameStop. My 8 y.o. son loves to eat out, so he enjoys gift cards to fast food restaurants.