Family Room Addition: Leather Club Chair

I've had the vision of two matching chairs flanking my fireplace pretty much since we moved in our home six years ago.  We currently have a sofa and a "chair-and-a-half", which for those of you not familiar with them, are sized somewhere in between a regular size chair and love seat.  In other words, they are a complete waste of space.  It's too much room for one person to sit in, but uncomfortably close for two people to sit in.  We bought the set when we moved into our first home, which was only around 850 square feet, so our reasoning was it didn't take up as much space as a love seat would.  We quickly discovered what a dumb purchase it was and I have been annoyed with it ever since.  To be fair, it is super comfy though.

I would like to save up some money to purchase two leather club chairs to replace our one chair-and-a-half.  They are just so darn expensive!  And I don't want to cheap out on this purchase.  I want supple leather that will age beautifully, with a seat you can sink into.   Here are a few options I am liking:

Horchow at ShopStyle

This guy is the perfect color, has nail head trim, and leather that already has a nice age to it.  I just love the masculine touch it would bring to a room.  Available from Horchow, and costs a whopping $2,350 a chair.  Not going to happen in my lifetime unless we finally get a winning lotto ticket.

Ethan Allen at ShopStyle

This option is about a thousand less and comes from Ethan Allen.  It has many of the same qualities of the first, minus the nail heads.

Pottery Barn at ShopStyle

This little ditty comes from Pottery Barn.  It has a sleeker profile, but still looks comfy enough to sink into with a good book. 

Napa Style at ShopStyle

Now is this chair sexy time or what?  I have a major crush on this chair-I even blush, look away and giggle when it passes me in the hall.  Wait....er, anyway.  Too bad it costs $3,299.  Available from Napa Style, which, by the way, has amazing offerings.  Here he is in "Nutmeg brown":

Delish! I like this color even more.  Napa Style people, if you have any extra of these lying around that you want to get rid of, I would be happy to take them off your hands.  And I would blog about you for the rest of my life.

So the hunt is officially on.  I've had my eye on craigslist for nice a pair, but so far no such luck.  Anyone have a good source for affordable yet quality leather chairs?


  1. I feel your pain, we made that same bad decision when we purchased our living room set. I like the Pottery Barn option, but LOVE the Napa Style option.

  2. Leather and that "sink into" feeling. Exactly!!! I've been on the hunt for months now, with a budget of around $800, with no luck. I've seen a few possibilities at chain stores like Haverty's and City Furniture, but nothing "ooh and ahh" worthy. Of course the Pottery Barn chairs are ideal, but not at $1700, plus ottoman.

    Keep us posted on your search!