Dear Santa: My Holiday Wishlist

I spent so much time and energy coming up with all my holiday gift guides, that I kind of put my own wishlist on the backburner.  Which is fine, because the holidays are always more about giving than receiving for me anyway-especially after having kids.  But I have been keeping track of a few things lately I wouldn't mind calling my own:

1. I fell hard for this Timex watch from JCrew after seeing it in this ad:

Helooooo lover! It comes with the olive green strap, but you can buy several different color straps separately. I most definitely want the berry colored one like in the above photo.

2. I saw these geode look-alike soaps on etsy awhile back, and soon they popped up on Furbish. How cool would these look chilling in the bathroom? I wouldn't really want to use them though, so I guess that defeats the purpose.

3. The hunt for the Calendar of 2011 is on like Donkey Kong.  This beautiful watercolor illustrated number is coming in first.

4. Another photo I stumbled upon recently and had to have an item from it is this Domino photo:

I crushed hard on the whole room, but really fixated on the great piece of art above the side table. I was beyond thrilled when I was able to make out the source information and to find they were still being sold!

5. Get in my hand now, you amazing Marc Jacobs clutch, you.

6. This sexy desk lamp is exactly what the doctor ordered for my office.  I would just sit there gazing at it lovingly and probably get no work done.

I probably won't even end up getting any of this, but it is fun to make little love lists.  I had actually already bought myself a Christmas present-a gold pouf from the Nate Berkus line on HSN:

I was so excited when it arrived last week-until I opened it that is.  This pouf is no bueno folks.  The quality is horrible.  It had scratches and nicks in the surface of the cheap gold material, and was so lightweight that my two year old literally picked it up and threw it across the room.  I was so disappointed that I returned it. Not at all worth the $99 price tag.  Just an FYI for any of you out there considering a purchase of one of these.

I've left one item off my wishlist-as it is going to be featured on Shannon of What's Up Whimsy's 12 Days of Holidays-A Blogger's Wishlist.  Have you checked out the series yet?  She has put together an amazing group of bloggers asking them what is on the top of their wishlist this year.  I'll be up later this week, so you can find out what my top wishlist item is then!

So what is on your wishlist this year?


  1. I love that art from that Domino room! I just checked the link and it says it was $100?? That is so reasonable!!

  2. I got my hubs the timex from J.Crew, I can't wait to give it to him!!!! I might have to buy the pink strap, just in case he gets tired of it :)

  3. hello marc jacobs...you are so prettty

  4. ADORE the artwork- amazing! Great list and hope you get lots of it!!

  5. Geode soap is dope, yo.

    Uh, giant artwork for 100 bones? GET ON MY WALL.

    I will send you my address directly for that gold moroccan pouf. Merry Christmas to ME!


  6. My husband gave me the JCrew watch when our son was born (with the time of his birth engraved on the back...so cute!). I wear it every day, and I have at least 8 or 9 watchbands. I feel so preppy changing them out to match my outfits!

  7. !! I think I have to get that watch! What a fun gift guide!!
    :) Anna

  8. Gorgeous list...love the art! As for the pouf, I purchased three from an EBay seller and the leather is great, however they too are very lightweight. My three year old uses them to reach things she shouldn't! I think this is how they all are unfortunately. I hope all your wishes come true this year!



  9. thanks for reminding me how much i spent on that pouf! haha, i had forgot :p