Christmas At My House

I don't go ALL out with Christmas decorations, but I do have a few little touches here and there:

I found some vintage lights at the thrift store and knew I wanted to fill a jar like I had seen at West Elm.

My rhino had one too many glasses of egg nog.

I want some hot pink tapers for these guys.

This santa is legit yo.  Look at that pimp fur collar he is rocking.

And a few fave ornaments from my tree:

 I used to collect Eiffel Tower figures and this was given to me by a dear friend.

This one is my husband's.  He loves Day of The Dead paraphernalia, and there was a whole shop full on Hayes Street when we were in SF.  He picked out this ornament for the tree.  Oddly enough, the girls love it!

Hello Kitty representin for Kara

 I've had this ornament since high school!  Look at how young we look!

My grandmother hand made this ornament over 20 years ago.  She used costume jewelry to decorate a gold bell shaped ornament.  It is one of my all time faves.


 And my new peacock tree topper Jill sent me.  She spoils me I tell ya.

Have a wonderful winter weekend sweeties!

{All pics "winterized" on picnik. Shan's photos inspired me}


  1. pretty! I was thinking of doing one of these posts... hmm, maybe I should! I have quite a few Eiffel Tower ornaments to - ha! We are just spooky similar. I love that picture of you and Fidel! What a great momento!

  2. That homemade ornament from your grandmother is fantastic. You are lucky to have something to sentimental!

  3. Jackie it's soo lovely. Im really diggin your gingerbread house....did you guys make it!! You should show us more glimpses into your home, its beautiful!

  4. I love the wreath on the rhino! Very beautiful, thanks for showing us around :)

  5. Oh please oh please, share where Jill got that peacock tree topper! I have been on the hunt for the perfect tree topper, and that has my name all over it!
    Thanks in advance,

  6. Gorgeous! Loving all your holiday decor especially that peacock tree topper!!