SPPN Top 10: Short Winter Coats

My last SPPN Top 10 featured longer, more formal jackets.  Today I am sharing with you my favorite short, casual jackets for this winter.


I am loving the shearling lined jackets they have this season. I definitely plan on investing in one soon.


I still love my cargo jacket I bought last year at Forever 21.  This style is still going strong this season, and for good reason!

Comfy Casual:

I always have a nice basic, super comfy jacket to fall back on.  Either of these will do the trick.

Step It Up A Notch:

The details on these jackets kill me.  Obsessed with the fur front jacket by Rachel Roy (she does no wrong), and love the double collar and button pattern on the tweed jacket.

{click on products for info}

What style jackets are on your list this winter?


  1. I am all about short jackets... they are just so much more comfortable. I am loving that last one! I would totally buy that! xo

  2. I love the Rachel Roy coat - and pretty much everything else she creates!

  3. I am still looking for the perfect military coat... by the time I find it, it won't be in style any more! Ha! The shearling coats are definitely growing on me. The gal at Closet Confections found a really cute one at F21, I believe. It looked great on her!

    And I love the Rachel Roy one as well.... veeeery nice!

  4. Rachel Rachel Roy for Macys has a Fab sheraling one I posted about a few months ago..its on sale now and im DYING to scoop it up


  5. I think I like the comfy casual group - totally reflects my style. I need a short jacket, but haven't found any that rock my world, so I am still searching. I have my nice, long coat and it does fine, but I need something that I can "play" in!