Interior Infatuation: Vintage Chic

I want to thank everyone for their hair tips yesterday-I'm going to start trying them all and hopefully something will work!  Also, to all who commented last week that they have "storm headaches" (as I call them) too.  I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one!  And, wouldn't you know it, we have a storm rolling in this weekend. I'm clearing my calendar in anticipation of feeling like total crap.  Isn't that lovely?  One sweet reader suggested trying acupuncture for the headaches, which I just may look into because they are that bad.

Anywhoozie, let's look at a pretty house to keep our mind off such things, mmkay?

Drop me off here for the weekend would you please?

They have a rhino head in their entry like me!

Perfection right here. Straight up in your face perfection.

Yes please green chair.

Open shelving! Subway tile! Black counters! White cabinets!  I never tire of the kitchen classics.

A parsons style console brings the formality of the room down a notch, as does the fun hints of purple.  The adorbs dog doesn't hurt either.

I think I am going to make a ribbon mobile like this for the girls' room.  Such a pretty yet simple idea.

I love that this house is home to a family with young children, yet you would never know because they aren't afraid to have nice things.  They must be pretty patient with teaching their kids what they can and cannot touch.  For me it's too much work, so I continue to kid-proof everything and wait it out until they are older to debut the nicer stuff.  Speaking of, Kara (my 2 year old) just broke one of my favorite lamps a week or so ago.  I was bummed, but since it was only $25 at Marshalls I didn't freak out as much as if it had been bank.  How about you other moms out there?  How do you feel about childproofing your decor?


  1. I love this house... you always find the best places! I am SO glad you posted these... i was thinking of doing some animal print pillows like in the fourth picture in my "blue" living room. I wondered if it would work and since they have it with turquoise I think I could pull it off!

  2. Love this family home. Beautiful but not tooo serious. As far as child proofing...NEVER. I have three kiddos and have never once even put a plug cover over an outlet. I think it's better to teach them, but then again you do lose the occasional lamp along the way:)


  3. We have outlet plugs (my husband installed them, oh, prior to our daughter's birth), but furniture and decor are as they were before Mary Clare arrived on the scene. We even added a glass coffee table and end table. Do I freak when she stands on it? Yes. But it opens up the space and it's way easier to keep clean than wood.

  4. i love that she has bulldogs!!! i wish my bulldogs were that courteous to our home. they tend to terrorize and ruin everything with their dander and dog hair :(

    lovely home too.

  5. I love this house...I wish we could figure out the wall colors they chose!