Interior Infatuation: Gray Days

Monday, Monday.  You come so soon.  And, um, next week is Thanksgiving. Already? Is it just me or are the years going by faster and faster?  Must be my old age...damn you year 29! Following custom, my weekend flew by as well.  Had tons to do and probably only got about 1/3 done.  One thing that is nearly accomplished is my new office.  I have the bare bones in there now: desk and a dresser.  I went in there to work on my shop for a few hours on Sunday and it was heaven!  I was able to lock the door and the girls didn't even come around to bother me.  It's amazing how much more you can get done behind a locked door-well when you have kids anyway.

I wanted to share this gorgeously moody gray home with you this morning.  Makes me want to hunker down and spend a few days doing absolutely nothing but being cozy and sipping on Hot Toddies. 

So pretty with the shots of pink from the flowers.  And I need that wall light fixture by the bed.  It is glorious.

Stay tuned because I'm working on a recap post of the Anthology Magazine launch party I hit up on Thursday night with my blog buddy Holly.  It was such a blast!  Details to come.


  1. I love the dark grey in the bedroom, so Wuthering Heights - style.

  2. Grey is definitely my favorite color. I'm digging the grey and pink in the last photo.