Interior Infatuation-From Thrifted Mags!

I'm such a mag hound that I never pass up a good magazine that is on sale at a thrift store or library sale.  I always keep my eye out for past issues of Domino (have yet to find one), Cottage Living (have found a few!) as well as any interior design related mag.  Here are a few I picked up on a recent thrifting trip, with some awesome inspirations inside:

Martha Stewart Living-September 2003
O at Home-Spring 2007
Cottage Living-May/June 2009

I was too lazy to scan, so here are some snapshots of some of my favorite pages:

I love the use of nuetrals in this room-while there are mostly shades of white, it doesn't come across as sterile at all. From Martha.

A black and white photo gallery wall.  I love giant photos, although not so much the subject matter of feet! What up wit dat? Martha.

A sweet little nook in a little girl's room.  How fun would it be to snuggle up in there every night? Martha

A lovely black and white kitchen.  Martha

Delicious emerald greens.  I would die to have a fern that luscious survive at my house!  It would have no chance. Martha

I know it is no longer outdoorsy weather, but there is a decidedly fall feel to this space. Gorgeous! Cottage Living

This is from O at Home and is the home of actress Kate Walsh.  Love the color palette.

What time shall I come by for Thanksgiving dinner Kate?

This is right on so many levels. O at Home

Cool. O at Home

Old school Nate. Before the boring TV show. O at Home

If you need me, I'll be in my bomb azz chaise all day everyday. O at Home

Do you ever pick up old mags??


  1. one-nail polish color? LOVE
    two-kate walsh hair color-LOVE
    three-fabric on that last chair-LOVE

  2. Love the green and white plates in that dining room but love your nail color even more!

  3. These images are beautiful. I love the little girls nook. So sweet and sophisticated.

  4. I miss Cottage Living and O at Home. Great magazines.

  5. I love the white bedroom. That's almost like the look I'm going for in my room (except I want my walls to be a creamy yellow) and have shots of colors with throws or pillows. The gallery wall is amazing and I love it! The little girls nook is so cute - to bad my teenage daughter isn't into cute, pink things anymore. I also pick up older mags when I get the chance, because I am a magazine-a-holic! Thanks for sharing!

  6. You can come to my house. I can't seem to throw away magazines =P

  7. I love Kate Walsh's bungalow!