Holiday Gift Guide-Men

Men. I swear they are the hardest to buy for.  Well, at least for my man anyway.  He never has anything on a wish list, never drops any hints as to what he wants, and 99.9% of the time when you ask him for ideas he says "I don't know" or "Don't get me anything".  Uh, sure dude.  So here is my shot at what to get the man in your life who gives you no ideas, just like mine.

1. 3 Piece Rabbit Wine Opener Set-If your man likes wine {and mine sure does} give him this big daddy of all wine openers.  It corks a bottle in 3 seconds flat. 
2. Marc Jacobs Bang Gift Set-Have you seen the ad for this stuff?  Helooo Marc Jacobs!
3. ABC of Men's Fashion Book-Fun for the fashion conscious dude-or the one you want to make over for the New Year!
4. Marc Jacobs Neoprene Laptop Sleeve-I love this sleek cover for the laptop toting guy.
5. Goa Black Watch- This watch has universal good looks.

So do you have a hard to shop for guy?  What do you get for him?


  1. We have one of those wine openers and it is AWESOME.

    Ryan is hard to shop for, only because he makes a list, then gives it to EVERYONE. So there is always at least one gift that gets doubled up (sigh). And he puts things on there that I planned to surprise him with. He's really into board games right now, so that helps - and he's a reader. His dad though, is the hardest person to shop for - no hobbies, no serious interests. Has enough money so it's hard to "treat" him to dinner or an outing. Men!

  2. I love these gift guides you've been putting up!

    If only I hadn't agreed to let my husband pick out his own presents, I'd totally get that Goa watch. I LOVE IT. So classic but modern at the same time :)

    Blue Paper Lanterns

  3. I think my husband and your husband must be brothers separated at birth. He is the same way! No hints, no lists, nothing! One year I got him passes to a local golf course for him and a friend to play golf. Another year, I got him a lesson with a golf pro and a round of golf (yep, I had the golf theme going for a couple of years). Last year, his early gift was a ticket to the SEC Championship game (which Alabama won - Yay!) and bought National Champ t-shirts and hats when Bama won the National Championship. This year, I have no ideas at all. You posted some great things! I think my hubby might actually like the watch! Thanks for the gift guides!