Holiday Gift Guide-The Girls, Tween

In all my years of Christmas experiences, I think my tween years were the most fun for me.  No longer browsing the Toys R Us catalogs for what I wanted, I would make meticulous wish lists full of the girliest, most "hip" items I could find in my Seventeen magazine.  I was always a bit before my time I suppose {I got married when I was 20, remember?} Anywho, if I could erase the years and be 13 again, these would be on my wish list: 

1. She'll be stoked to store her lunch money in this- Kate Spade Funfetti Coin Purse
2. For how often she practices writing her name in pretty script-give her one that lasts- Lace Name Necklace
3. Any budding fashionista would love this book to create in- My Wonderful World of Fashion Book
4. Perfect for watching tv, texting marathons and facebook updating- "Furliscious" Beanbag
5.Her very own first perfume- Viva La Juicy Perfume Gel
6. Keep those nails polished- Essie for Crewcuts Four Pack


  1. I always knew I was immature but geez, I'd take all of those now...at 30. That fur beanbag is calling my name...Shannnnnnnonnnnn...curl up in me and pretend you don't hear that crying bayyyyyyybeeeee.

  2. I agree with Shannon! I need that fur bean bag for me!

  3. Jackie
    Merry Merry Christmas to you and your family!!